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NHS Innovation Expo

March 10, 2014

Last week team DrDoctor descended on Manchester for the NHS Healthcare Innovation expo. It was an interesting event, with a strong NHS England presence demonstrating their resolve to bring new, more efficient ways of working to the health service. This was the biggest show we’ve exhibited at so far. We


A patient’s story

February 5, 2014

We were sent this today. A true story which sadly is all too familiar. This is what we’re trying to fix: I got a letter this morning reminding me I had to book a hospital appointment. As far as I know I didn’t receive the original letter which had a

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UCLH Maternity: Friends and Family test with a 40% response rate

January 28, 2014

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an excellent tool for Trusts wishing to collect real time feedback on patient experience. Although a coarse measure, correctly used it can identify issues in service provision quickly. This allows fast focused service improvement. Critically, it also identifies areas of exceptional care, so

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EHI Live

November 15, 2013

EHI live is always a highlight of the conference year. Lots of opportunity to see the latest developments in healthcare IT and catch up with friends. We decided to make our own impact on the show by handing out stickers advertising our Friends and Family test demo and appointment management


Creating Engagement – The Health and Social Care Digital Service

August 16, 2013

Yesterday the HSCIC started the first steps in another interesting procurement – the Health and Social Care Digital Service (name, fortunately, not final!). Building on NHS Choices, a hugely successful site in its own right, with 30m visitors a month – 50% on mobile – the new site aims to


Second NHS Entrepreneurs Day

July 22, 2013

After a really successful first Entrepreneurs Day, it was great that NHS England have committed to making them a regular feature. The second, which was hosted by The Hub Westminster was very well attended. News had obviously spread about the success of the first! Tim Kelsey, Beverly Bryant and John

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iWCG Patient Experience Symposium

July 15, 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited by the always effervescent Neil Bacon to the 2nd National Symposium on Patient Experience, run by iWGC. Focused on delivering the Friends and Family Test (FFT) across inpatients, maternity and A&E. The speakers were truly inspirational (an overused word) – the honesty and

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NHS Commissioning Board Entrepreneurs Day

February 22, 2013

We were very pleased to be invited to the first NHS Commissioning Board Entrepreneurs Day this week. With an attendance list that read like a who’s who of healthcare startups, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about other projects. There is lots to gain from working together and

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Instant Messaging From Your Hospital

February 12, 2013

We have been hammering the keyboards and furiously typing over the last month or two to get the DrDoctor system ITK accredited by CfH and we’re delighted to say that as of last week we are! So what is it then?  ITK is a set of standards to allow different

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Healthcare as an ‘exemplar of interoperability’

February 4, 2013

We really like the rhetoric coming from the NHS Commissioning Board and the DoH these days. A lot of what is being said echoes our own thoughts when starting DrDoctor – work on interoperability and openness, then let the market provide great products. We’re focused on competing on user experience

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January 14, 2013

Check out our DrDoctor concept on OPENIdeo, a platform to help develop ideas as a comunity. Its part of the challenge ‘How can we create healthy comunities within and beyond the workplace?’ – Heres the cartoon we made for the competition to get you started:

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What do patients want?

January 11, 2013

We’ve been doing a little bit of research into what patients really want from hospital communications. We spent a couple of days in two different hospital outpatient departments. It’s nicely summarised in the infographic below – feel free to share and use as much as you’d like. Get in touch


Information Sharing Challenge Fund

December 18, 2012

We’re really pleased to say that we’ve been awarded a grant from the Department of Health in partnership with Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals to develop an Information Took Kit compliant interface to the DrDoctor platform. This will allow us to pass ITK compliant messages between the trusts systems and


Friends and Family Test – Net promoter

November 15, 2012

Part of the NHS mandate is that all hospitals will be required to collect feedback from their patient. This will take the form of the Friends and Family test, or, the Net Promoter score. This asks the simple question: “Would you recommend this service to your friends and family”. The response


Giving people what they want

October 18, 2012

We’ve had a couple of really interesting days at DrDoctor. Aware that we don’t want to build something that no one wants, we’ve been in outpatients departments, talking to patients and understanding their frustrations. Asking them what they want. Quickly it becomes clear that people know what they want –


Late cancellations – the hidden opportunity

August 29, 2012

This weekend’s headlines have been dominated by the news that one in ten NHS hospital appointments is missed; costing the taxpayer up to £600 milllion a year and increasing waiting time for patients across the board. Conflicting timetables, changes in perceived need or simple forgetfulness all contribute to people missing millions of appointments