About us

Working with you to harness the power of technology in healthcare

Our Mission

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team share one passion – helping hospitals get better. We believe that healthcare worldwide is facing unprecedented challenges, and technology is the only sustainable solution.

Everything we do is focused on one thing: Building clever technology to help providers and patients work together for more effective care at lower cost

With 4 million patient appointments a year and growing every day, now is the time to join us and improve the NHS for everyone.

Our Team

Tom Whicher


Talks too much, loves sailing and NHS digital nerdery

Rinesh Amin


Loves remapping motorbikes, complex maths and NHS data

Perran Pengelly


Beardy geek. Enjoys jumping out of planes.

Peter Hansell

Customer Success

Makes ethically sourced handbags in his spare time

Anup Shah

Lead Developer

King of user experience and all things front end

Josh Karanasios

Sales and Marketing

Expert on all things DrDoctor and healthtech

Mark Bartlett

Customer Success

Such bright trousers. Such success.

Steve Friend

Lead Developer

Recovering musician, loves vegetable themed testing frameworks

Jevon Farr

Lead Developer

I've never used any NHS software that isn't rubbish.. unless I wrote it

Niamh Coghlan

Sales and Marketing

Yoga teacher, generally tries to keep the rest organised..

Our History

We’ve spent the last four years helping NHS hospitals become truly world-leading. We have spent a lot of our time inside hospitals getting as close as possible to the reality of what our users need day-to-day.

Now we are changing the way hospitals and patients communicate. All too often, paper letters and phone calls are the only way to book appointments in the UK. This can be slow and often inaccurate and means some patients get confused, hospital clinics run with gaps and every patient ends up waiting longer than they should.

We combine local, practical knowledge with iterative build processes (and some fancy technology) to built products that work on the ground, in real clinics.

We believe in open standards, open data and promiscuous collaboration. For too long, healthcare IT has been inaccessible to doctors, nurses and patients. We are opening it up to make our NHS better.